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Desh Amila

A product of immigration, integration, and innovation, Sri Lankan born, Desh Amila, started from humble beginnings before realising his dream was in the West, and migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2000. Desh has since pioneered his career as an entrepreneur, entertainer, and educator on a global scale. ​

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This Is 42

We’re a dynamic team of young people who aim to advance humankind by bringing passionate people together. Diverse and electrifying speakers inspire our audiences.

This Is 42

Michio Kaku

As if developing string theory to accomplish this was not enough, the world-renowned theoretical physicist Dr Michio Kaku tackles unique terrestrial and extra-terrestrial concerns of the 21st century, and brings them to Australia and New Zealand in 2018 in The Future of Humanity.


Think Inc.

Think Inc. is a community of individuals on a mission to expose the true face of modern society, armed with ideas. Speakers include:

– Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson
– Steve Wozniak
– Edward Snowden
– Sam Harris
– Michio Kaku
– Jason Silva

This Is 42 – Director/Producer

Islam and the Future of Tolerance

In a world riven by violence and misunderstanding, prominent atheist author Sam Harris and Islamist-turned-liberal Muslim Maajid Nawaz seek to provide a remedy to the polarising rhetoric and obscurantism around the topic of Islam.

Think Inc

Neil Degrasse Tyson

In between dropping diss tracks about flat earth theories and tweeting about the disastrous science and arts policies of the Trump administration, world renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is finding time to visit Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney in July 2017.

This Is 42


This Is 42 brought together a meeting of the minds between the ‘Bad Feminist’ Roxane Gay and the controversial ‘Factual Feminist’ Christina Hoff Sommers as they navigated the trials and tribulations of 21st century feminism.

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