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Desh Amila is an entrepreneur, entertainer, and educator who is on a mission to educate, entertain and enhance the lives of those he connects with.

This Is 42: An initiative for critical thinking by a Sri lankan Australian

A chat with Desh Amila, a Sri Lankan born Australian behind initiative This is 42

Desh Amila dispels the stereotypes on life in Australia as an immigrant.

HE LOVES Italian food, cricket and hip hop and as far as Desh Amila is concerned he's as Aussie as meat pies and AFL...

Sydney Morning Herald

Edward Snowden Australian tour dogged by corporate boycotts.

Step one: book guest speaker. Step two: pay guest speaker. How hard can it be? Well, if the guest speaker is Edward Snowden, the man who spilled the secrets of the US espionage complex, the answer is: pretty hard...

Life Daily Mirror

When dreams are worth living.

Arzeth Areef has a secret he can’t keep. He has been chosen by the Dreamer’s Foundation to pursue his dream. While he pursues his studies in IT field during the day time, he can be found rapping songs when he’s free. A boy from Ampara with a dream, he is...

Inside the Near Meltdown of the Roxane Gay–Christina Hoff Sommers Tour

A rowdy crowd, an attempt to suppress the video via a legal threat, and ongoing controversy over the host — it didn’t turn out as planned.


Thinking superheroes attract young audiences.

Making intelligence cool again is the aim of a company that brings internationally renowned intellectuals to Australia...

Rationalist Society of Australia

We should never allow Islam to be the exception in Liberal society.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming to ­Australia soon to speak about ­reforming traditional Islam and confronting militant Islam...

Free Thinker

Ad company rejects Sam Harris billboards

A series of billboards, including the one above, have have been rejected by a major Australian outdoor advertising company...

Salt Magazine

Dr. Cornel West headed for Australia.

One of America’s most provocative public intellectuals and prominent champion for racial justice and progressive politics, Dr Cornel West, has announced he will be touring Down Under for his first ever Australian visit, this June...

The Post Millennial

Sommers beats Gay in feminism debate despite antagonistic crowd

The video Roxane Gay’s public relations team did not want you to see is now available online.


Islam And The Future of Tolerance - 2ser

After publicly clashing in a debate over the concept of Islamic reform in the Muslim world, prominent atheist philosopher Sam Harris and self proclaimed Islamist-turned-liberal-Muslim Maajid Nawaz reconnected.

Documentary Australia

Islam & The Future of Tolerance.

Synopsis: On September 10, 2001, Sam Harris was studying neuroscience in California and Maajid Nawaz was in Egypt working as a top recruiter for one of the biggest Islamist organisations in the world, pushing for an Islamic caliphate...

University of Western Australia

UWA sponsors 'An evening with Steve Wozniak'

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is proud to announce its sponsorship of ‘An Evening with Steve Wozniak’, one of the pioneers of personal computing, presented by Think Inc. on August 24 at HBF Stadium...


The Skeptic Zone #441

The Skeptic Zone Podcast is an independent production by Richard Saunders and the team of reporters. The views and opinions expressed on the Skeptics Zone Podcast are not necessarily those Australian Skeptics Inc. or any other skeptical organisation...

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Desh Amila’s inspiring and innovative presentations will resonate with educational facilities, large organisations, startups, media or not-for-profit businesses seeking to understand how to be a game-changer in the ever-changing and evolving world dominated by technology, culture, information and more. Uplifting, informative and thought-provoking, Desh Amila is the answer to creating an entrepreneurial mindset in the 21st century and beyond.